Collection: MISTRAL

I first traveled to Provence as a young, long-haired philosopher studying alternative medicine in Europe. Immediately taken in by the beauty and traditions of southern France, I spent most of the year along the Mediterranean coast. While studying there, I met several soap makers in the region, and I returned to California with little money but a garage full of soap. And this is how Mistral began.

In San Diego, I discovered a strong demand for high-quality French soap and a growing passion for building a business. Soon I moved out of Mom’s garage and into a small warehouse in Solana Beach. Today, I continue to travel to Grasse each year to meet with soap and perfume makers, develop new projects, and further my passion for the brand I started and built with a $1500 loan from my grandparents twenty-five years ago.

To every person who has ever used and enjoyed a Mistral product I am grateful for your support. Thank you for being a part of the journey.


Matthew Tilker